The Best Kind of Thank You Gift

This little chicken was a thank you gift for a generous and lovely friend who helped me with a very large donation towards vet bills for a very sick homeless cat. It’s mixed media collage on 10×10″ artist’s panel. I have an old yellowed book of gospel hymns sitting around that I’d found at the Nashville flea market, and since this friend is very much a music lover, musician and gospel/choir singer, I incorporated those hymns into the collage. I also experimented with pen/ink over the acrylic paint of the chicken – something I really enjoyed a lot, and want to do more of.

When someone does something amazing and unexpected for you, sometimes mere words or cookie-cutter thank you notes just can’t begin to express the depth of your gratitude. Think about giving personalized art instead. It’s a wonderful heartfelt gift that will keep saying thank you for a lifetime.  I offer commissions, and can incorporate in ephemera and imagery that is significant to you or to your loved one or gift recipient. If you’re on a budget (which pretty much everyone is) just commission a small card or painting – or if you’re feeling flush commission a full-sized painting – the possibilities are limited only by our combined imaginations! For more information, contact me at

chicken art patti mann mixed media collage country farm

“Bright Chicken” SOLD


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