“b.l.t.” – 2014 Nashville Tomato Art Fest Entry

Would you like some lettuce and tomato with that sexy porcine? Here’s my entry for the 2014 Tomato Art Fest in Nashville, which was founded and is coordinated by the amazing and supportive Art & Invention Gallery.

“b.l.t.” is a 20×16″ mixed media painting on stretched canvas. I incorporated yellowed pork recipe pages from a musty old cookbook I scored at the Nashville flea market.

The funny thing is, I don’t eat anything pig – I think they are far too sensitive and intelligent to be factory-farmed in our “evolved” culture and civilization. That said, though, I’m all for local farmers and humane livestockery. Eat them, but treat them with kindness and compassion for the time they are alive, at least. Now that I’ve gotten my little guilt-dig in – enjoy the painting! (click on the image for a larger view)



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