“All Of Us” – I told you I was freaky. But you didn’t believe me…

"All Of Us", a 24x30" mixed media acrylic on stretched canvas, sides painted black. $225.

“All Of Us”, a 24×30″ mixed media acrylic on stretched canvas, sides painted black. $225.

I am a huge fan of author Kurt Vonnegut. I’ve read many of his books (although not all -yet).  When an opportunity arose to make an alien painting for a local group show, Vonnegut’s Tralfamadorian aliens from his novel “Slaughterhouse 5” waddled into my brain pan immediately.

“…they were two feet high, and green, and shaped like plumber’s friends. Their suction cups were on the ground, and their shafts, which were extremely flexible, usually pointed to the sky. At the top of each shaft was a little hand with a green eye in its palm. The creatures were friendly, and they could see in four dimensions. They pitied Earthlings for being able to see only three. They had many wonderful things to teach Earthlings about time.”

It was a no-brainer. But perhaps it helps to be a Vonnegut fan to really appreciate this painting, because how many will want to own a painting of animated toilet plungers? Let me answer that….YOU DO!!!!!




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