Mayday Brewery Folk & Art Fest 2014

DSCN1595Thanks to all who came out to the Mayday Brewery’s 2nd Annual Folk & Art fest. I shared a booth with talented local quilt artist Debbie Hoover Hettish, and I was thrilled and gratified to get lots of fabulous positive feedback on my art. Nothing like a little validation for us insecure artists. In addition to a lot of really great art and artists, folks were enjoying fancy brews, great live music, and a highly congenial atmosphere. We sweated and sweltered and got pretty stinky (well, I did anyway); but we also made new friends and hobnobbed with some creative movers-and-shakers and awesome fellow artists of the Middle Tennessee area. A huge thank you to Dawna Magliacano for encouraging me to branch out from the safety of my lair and put myself out there; I gained some good, practical ideas now for how I can make my booth more appealing, more merchandising ideas, and more products I can offer to meet any budget (such as lower-price-point prints and drawings). It was a fun and productive learning experience!

DSCN1590 DSCN1593


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